Respawn Isle

Welcome, survivors.

We run two vanilla Rust servers, perfect for small groups up-to 4 players or solos who know how to handle themselves in a gunfight; or can make friends quickly.

We do a map wipe every first & third Thursday, with a blueprint wipe every two months when the Facepunch update is released.
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For the purist

Rust is great just as it is, so why change that experience - our Rust PvP servers are a vanilla with just a few config tweaks to make quality of life a bit more bearable.

Decay adjustments

We’ve buffed the decay rates slightly so you don’t have to spend all day harvesting nodes for upkeep.

Small team sizes

Rust with friends is great, but when your group turns into a zerg, no-one else has fun. We've capped the team limit at four so everyone can enjoy respawning on the beach.

Connect Now

We have servers in North America and the UK & Europe, simply connect to the one closest to where you live.

You can also search for our servers in game, just search for '' in Community.

What lies beneath...

We've set up our dedicated servers with SYS in North America and OVH in the UK & Europe - our game instances use LinuxGSM and are set up to be as automated as possible.

Fast dedicated Servers

We run our own gaming servers in North America and in the UK & Europe - these high spec machines were custom designed and run on fast DDoS protected networks.

Scheduled map & blueprint wipes

We do a map wipe on our servers biweekly starting on the first Thursday, with a blueprint wipe every two months - this gives everyone a chance to level up frequently.

Automated restarts

Our servers will automatically restart when the last person logs out - no scheduled restarts in the middle of your game time.

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